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It may seem obvious to make a to do list but it is surprising how few people actually do it.

For your wedding day a simple sheet with times on it called a “run sheet” can make your special day go very smoothly. We have all heard stories of weddings that have had disasters or unfortunate things happen or not happen because of poor planning or poor communication. A run sheet avoids these mishaps.

Start With A List

The simplest way to write a run sheet is just to make a random list of all the things that have to happen on the day. Don’t be concerned with getting them in order just write down everything you can think of.

Having got this list, allocate times to each item as to when it needs to happen.

Eg Cars arrive for the bridal party 2.00pm

Photographer arrives 1.30pm

Pick up the flowers 11.00am

Makeup artist arrives 12.30pm

Hair gets done 10.00am

Lunch with the girls 12.00 noon

Arrive at the venue 2.45pm

Get married 3.00pm

Get photos taken at gardens 4.00pm

Arrive at the reception 5.00pm

Put Your List In Order

Once you have your basic list of what is to be done and when, now put it in time order in a table format with three columns TIME; WHAT HAPPENS; WHO’S RESPONSIBLE. Leave a line between each activity so it is easy to add in extra details or activity as need arises.


8.00am Breakfast

9.00am Bridesmaids arrive Abby, Betty, Caroline, Denise

10.00am Morning tea Everyone

11.00am Pick up flowers from abc florist Auntie Edwina

Deliver to xzy address

The more detail the better. This list is then distributed to everyone who is involved.

It achieves two things.

1/ It makes the person doing the most mundane task feel special and involved because their name is on the list.

2/ Everybody knows what they are responsible for, when and where they are expected to perform their task. ie no excuses for not doing what is required on time. Included a contact phone number for someone who is capable of making instant decisions to correct any muck ups or failure to deliver on time.

The Bridegroom

The same should be done for the bridegroom but to be fair his list is going to be a lot simpler.

The Result

The more people know what’s going on, and what is expected of them, and when they are expected to do their bit. The more confidence they have in you as a planner and the less likely they are to let you down. Don’t forget to match the tasks to the persons skill set and their ability to carry it out.

Digby Joplin

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