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Master of Ceremony . . . Who?


A Master of Ceremony, the MC, is the person who makes the reception memorable. He or she is responsible for the tempo and the mood and the atmosphere of the occasion. A good MC should have the following attributes, a confident public speaking ability, a voice that commands attention, an ability to be flexible to changes and a very good sense of humour.

It is good if the MC is a personal friend of the bride and groom or a close friend of the family. They will have an empathy and understanding of the mood that the couple are trying to create.


The job of the MC is to bring the guests to order and announce what is going to happen. What they announce is entirely up to you as a couple, but if you think about what your guests need to know that is what the MC needs to announce.

The following things are important. 1/ House keeping, where the toilets are, where the emergency exits are, where to gather in the unlikely event of an emergency. 2/ A brief outline of the evening what’s going to happen. When the speeches are going to happen, when the meal is going to be served, the manner in which this will happen. Any special requirements for example maybe there is a guest book to sign, what to do with gifts that have been bought. Maybe there is a photo booth.

A common practice is for the MC to introduce the bridal party as they arrive. Starting with the grooms men and brides maids introducing each as a couple as they enter. Leading up to the best man and chief bridesmaid and last but not least the new Mr and Mrs. The guests should be brought to their feet and applaud and cheer the couple as they enter.


Calling on the speakers to deliver their speeches and announcing and introducing each speaker and their relationship with the couple. Eg “ It is my pleasure to ask the father of the bride Paul Worthington to share some thoughts with us.” Or “I now call on long term friend and best man Jack McTavish to say a few words .”

The MC should have a written sheet of who is speaking and the order of the speeches. The MC might have a series of short jokes or quotes that can be injected into the evening to keep the mood light and happy. These should be clean and appropriate for all ages, and have some relevance for the couple.

Last but not least the MC should keep in contact with the bride and groom and perhaps the parents of the couple, so that he / she can make unscheduled announcements as required. A good MC will make the evening seem to flow effortlessly and will be a point of contact for all. Select your MC with care then sit back and enjoy the evening.

Also see wedding blog on “You have been asked to be an MC.” And Wedding Blog on speeches.

Digby Joplin

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