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Updated: Jun 9, 2019


Wedding Venue Aisle Alter White Flowers

Size, location, layout, seating, indoors or out- doors, access, parking, proximity to amenities. Airports, train, major through roots, accommodation and the cost. The actual appearance of the venue.

Let’s look at each of these in turn.

Appearance of the Wedding Venue

The appearance of the venue. Remember that it is very likely that the venue may feature as a backdrop to your wedding photos. So the look of the place may have some bearing on the style or the mood / imagery you are trying to create. For example an ultra-modern steel and glass building might look completely out of character with a fairy tale princess themed wedding. What the venue is constructed of and the condition of the building may reflect poorly on your guests and in your photos.

Size of the Wedding Venue

Also consider the size of the venue. While you may have in your youth always attended that quaint little country church. For a wedding of 200 guests is this, the best choice? I once attended a church wedding just like this, with seating for 80 with about 96 guests invited. People were standing and crammed in during the whole ceremony. Conversely a wedding of 30 to 50 guests held in a cathedral or a large convection centre or large venue capable of hosting 300 guests might make your guests feel over whelmed.

Seating Layout Wedding Venue

The layout and the seating. Is it easy to get into and out of? Is it comfortable or are your guests going to be sitting on hard wooden pews or seats. Are the toilet facilities easy to get to? One venue I attended you had to go outside to what seemed like a shed to go to the toilet. Are the toilets clean? Does it have good wheel chair access? In the event of an emergency does it look well set up to cope?

Access and Parking of the Wedding Venue

Access and parking. Is the venue easy to get to, or do you park and then walk across fields or hills or narrow tracks. While you as a couple may be fit and able to do a 20 minute walk to that magic grotto. What about the more senior family members and friends, will they cope? Is there sufficient parking for the expected number of guests. Allow 1 carpark for every 2 to 3 guests.

Consider your guests from out of town. Is there an airport, train station or other public transport? Can guests hire a car? Is there a range of accommodation choices from 5 star hotels to good quality motels in proximity of the venue? Are there other attractions or places of interest your guests can visit?

Water and You

Stay away from water. I know of one couple who found the perfect spot for their beach wedding. On the day, during the service, the tide came in and everything had to be moved.

Selecting the right venue not only for the ceremony but also for the reception can make or break the successful enjoyment of your special day for you and your guests.

Digby Joplin

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