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So You Have Been Asked To MC Your Friends Wedding:


First things first. To be asked to be an MC at any event and especially a wedding is a huge honour. The couple are asking you to take charge and manage a significant part of their day. If this is not you, if for any reason you do not want to do this, or feel uncomfortable about it then politely decline as soon as possible.


Having accepted to do the role it is very important to think about what you have to do.

1/ Meet with the couple to plan out what is going to happen and when. Also this will give you an opportunity to get a feel for the formality of the event so you can plan appropriate words and directions in keeping with their ideas.

2/ After the wedding ceremony, it is not uncommon for the MC to call the guests in for the various photos. eg Parents of the groom; parents of the bride; parents of the Bride and groom: The grooms family; the bride’s family etc. Discuss this with the couple and also with the photographer and then work in with the photographers requests.

3/ At the reception familiarise yourself with the layout of the facilities, exits, toilets etc. Meet with the catering staff, to discuss how the meal is going to be served.

4/ At the reception the MC ushers the guests through to the pre-reception drinks and nibbles. This is done generally while the formal photos are being taken. Before the bridal party arrive back from their photo shoot, it is your job to get all the guests through and into the reception hall. Allow time for people to find their seats. Once everyone is seated introduce yourself, and welcome every one. Make housekeeping announcements about health and safety and to advise where the toilets are. Acknowledge those people who have travelled some distance or have made a special effort to be there. This is also a time to acknowledge any recent bereavement of someone who should have been there.

5/ Announce things the guests need to know. Where to put gifts they have bought, guest book to sign. Is there a photo booth? Everything they need to know.

6/ Time to introduce the bridal party. As each couple enter say their names. Second to last to enter is the chief bridesmaid and best man. When the newlyweds arrive have everyone stand and cheer, as much noise as possible.

7/ Once the bridal party is seated tell everyone what’s going to happen and when.

“There will be some toasts to the happy couple and their families, then we will have a meal. At about 8.30pm we will join Jack and Jill on the dance floor for their first dance as husband and wife. Then we will party the night away concluding at midnight.”

Introducing Speakers

“I ask you all to make sure that your glasses are top up as it is now my pleasure to introduce James Brown to propose a toast to . . . . “

As you introduce each speaker say how they are connected, related to the couple.

" I now call on John Adams the father of the bride to say a few words"

" It's my pleasure to introduce Bob Johnson Jack's mate and best man for the day to share with us."

8/ Also be ready to change anything as the need arises. Keep in contact with the couple and their parents to make sure they are happy and if there anything you can do to assist them.

Keeping it Flowing

9/ Have a collection of clean jokes or humorous advice about marriage that you can inject into the proceedings, make them relevant to the couple.

10/ Circulate among the guests making sure all are involved. Have a fun time yourself.

See wedding blog on selecting an MC. Also see wedding blog on speeches.

Digby Joplin

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