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The Unruly Guest


How do you take care of the unruly guest. In everyone’s family there is someone who can be or can get a little bit over the top and can distract or worse destroy a wedding. There is a video clip of a women who tried to do a pole dance around the main pole of the marque tent and ended up pulling the whole tent down on top of all the guests.

. Another video showed a man on the dance floor doing his special moves. A wild crashing backward flip took out a couple of guests. You do not want your guests going away from your wedding and the most enduring memory they have is of the women or the man who made an absolute ass of themselves.

So the invitations have gone out and you know that out of obligation you have to invite that person who has the tendencies to go off the rails, what to do about it? There are several things

Seating Arrangements

1/ When planning the reception give some thought as to where you sit people. Do not sit people at the same table or in close proximity to each other, who you know don’t get along.

2/ If you are able to speak to the person on a one to one basis. Remind them of the last time they got out of hand and what the result was- the embarrassment and awkwardness and distrust that followed. Do this in a gentle loving way.

A Friend

3/ Ask a close relative or friend of the troublesome guest, someone you know has the strength of character to know when to step in and take care of this person. Ask them to be a minder and should this guest start to get a little to rambunctious then it is their job to quietly take them outside to cool off for a little bit. Do this in a gentle loving way.

4/ Speak to the bar staff and advise them of the likelihood of a guest that is known to drink too much. They will appreciate this because part of their license is about not serving intoxicated patrons. In this case forewarned is forearmed.

A Minder

5/ Have a couple of trustworthy guests on your team who can act as minders. These people are not bouncers but people who will befriend that unruly guest and quietly take them out side to cool off before returning to the party.

6/ If someone looks like they have had too much to drink get their friend or partner to start getting them water to drink. While it is not your responsibility to see no one drives home over the limit. It would be most unfortunate if someone had an accident or worse on the way home. Your wedding would forever be linked to that event.

. . . . . “you remember Alice and Peter’s wedding? No. - Yes you do that’s the one where uncle Joe drove off the road and down into the creek by the wooden bridge.”

Let’s have a happy, safe, memorable wedding for all the right reasons.

Digby Joplin

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